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  • Paul Mone

Critical Activism

A framework for political action based on Marx's Capital

The point of this blog is to link Marx's mature works, and Capital in particular, to political action, in the hope of outlining effective principles of activism. CRITICAL ACTIVISM, PRAXIS, and SEMANTICS The reflexive relationship between a theory of societal change and deliberate practice in political organisations is commonly referred to as 'praxis', although these days the term is most readily applied to the non-reflexive relationship between 'theory' and 'talking about theory in interminable and pointless meetings'. I'll be using the term 'Critical Activism' to do the work once done by the word 'praxis'. The term Critical is used in the Marxian sense - to robustly understand and theorise in terms of Capitalism', rather than 'be negative about'. The term activism will refer to deliberate actions that form part of a strategy, as opposed to isolated rebellious acts. I'll attempt to outline a coherent theoretical framework for political action based on the ideas in Marx's Capital. I'll then outline what effective political practice looks like based on this framework.

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