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  • Paul Mone

4 Initial Steps to Political Organizing

1. Show Up Right now a lot of people want to get involved in political change, but don’t know where to start. Many of us are showing up to demonstrations, posting angrily on social media, or sitting around lamenting privately that something needs to be done.

As a matter of priority, the first step for those that are concerned with inequality, climate change, or any one of the many structural problems and crises that we are facing, is to get involved in an organization which shares your values - be they a political party or independent grassroots organization.

2. Act Imperfectly You must be prepared to act imperfectly. There is no perfect political organization - there are only those which would benefit from your involvement, and the involvement of people close to you. At the very least, joining a progressive political party or organization will develop the skills, experience, and the network from which you can start to make change happen. 3. Get trained

Political organizing is not a ‘natural’ skillset, although it is often treated as one. Most effective organizers have been trained to communicate, listen, learn, and lead. Your organization should provide training - if it doesn’t, seek it out. There are many organizations and individuals who train political organizers - reach out to them for advice. You can also read one of the many free books or guides to organizing, but nothing beats a training session.

4. Evaluate your work Our political work is never perfect, but some organizations, strategies, and tactics are more effective than others. Reflecting on the effectiveness of your work is an important step in becoming a good organizer. Are your actions effective? Is your strategy robust? Is the theory of change in your organization articulable? Evaluating your work and the work of the organization is a natural healthy step in keeping an organization effective and agile. Organizations and organizers are always adapting, and attempting to better themselves - if we're not adapting our ideas, behaviours, and methods, then there's a good chance that we're not being as effective as we could be. The conclusion of your evealuation will likely be a change to how you work, how the organization works, or sometimes a shift to a new organization. Organizing is a process, not a destination.

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